Resource Rich State of Texas

When you have to make the confident choice in an energy providers, I’ve always been happy to choose Waco Energy here in Waco County, Texas. I’ve been with them since day one of moving here and not once have I experienced a problem with their customer service or with their prices. It’s admittedly difficult to find an energy company that isn’t going to tax you into poverty these days; even here in Texas there are some company who are beginning to tax their customers for a ‘winter tax’ despite the fact that we have some of the mildest winters in the entire country!

That’s why I like Waco. They have not once taxed me in what I felt to be an unfair manner. Inflation is a fact of economics and so are price adjustments; it only stands to reason that there will be times when the prices are going to be higher than other times. In fact, if anything, the prices have been far lower in the past three or so years thanks to the amount of fracking that was done in the area. It may not be the most environmentally suitable method of finding oil but it has helped out the communities in Texas a lot.

The money from fracking can now be allocated into other sources of energy; it almost has to, doesn’t it? Without investments made into renewable resources we’re going to have a hard time providing energy to the state, never mind the entire country. It’s going to be up to each individual state to begin researching and providing renewable, alternative sources of energy even for oil and gas rich states like ours. It’s not going to be easy at first but with enough money and time I think we’ll be one of the forerunners to lead by example.