Just Got Back to South Carolina

I am finally clear of the paper work with the U.S Army. I got back to Fort Campbell almost two weeks ago, but the guys at HQ screwed something up and my papers did not come back until last Wednesday. I got in my truck and drove back home, took a detour to visit one of my buddies in High Point NC. In fact that was not so bad. I went through Bristol and got there really quickly, although I nearly got a ticket in Virginia. Right now I have been looking for reasonably priced apartments in Columbia. My Dad has been busy looking for a job for me and he has connections every place. I got an interview with one of the state government offices the day after tomorrow and it seems as though they want to hire me. The job is not exactly what I was doing in the army, but the principles are pretty close to it.

I am staying with my Dad right now, but he and Mom moved in to a condo while I was in the Army. It has a spare bedroom, but it is not really a good option. For one thing the people next door have their stereo and TV right up against the wall where I am sleeping and they must be on a nocturnal schedule. At least they seem to make noise pretty much all night long. At any rate I do not want to live with my Mom and Dad. I would like to find a roommate and I would prefer it was a she with a big bank account and a platinum card. That does not look as though it is a realistic option right now, but I am going to have to get to work on that.