RemaDays Europe 2014

Fair Centre / Messezentrum Nürnberg
NürnbergMesse GmbH
90471 Nürnberg, Karl-Schönleben-Strasse 65, Deutschland

Technical data of halls are available on the fair site and


GJC Inter Media GmbH
Charlottenstrasse 68
10117 Berlin, Deutschland
Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 129630 B
phone no. +49 (0)30 20 188 389
fax +49 (0)30 20 188 575

Representative in Poland:

GJC Inter Media sp. z o.o.
Podbiałowa 11
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phone no. +48 61,825 73 22
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Representative in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Beralus and Moldavia):

GJC Inter Media
Ул.Фучика, д. 3, кв.28
03049, Киев
Phone no.: +38 044 229 12 23

1.3 Adults only will be allowed at the venue.

1.4 Dates

1.4.1 Fair duration
Wednesday, 15.01.2014Friday, 17.01.2014

1.4.2 Opening hours for visitors
15 and 16.01.2014 9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
17.01.2014 9.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

1.4.3 Opening hours for exhibitors
15 and 16.01.2014 8.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
17.01.2014 8.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

1.4.4 Assembly
Monday13.01.2014 7.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.
Tuesday14.01.2014 7.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

1.4.5 Disassembly
Wednesday 09.01.2013 3.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
Thursday10.01.2013 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

2. Participation in RemaDays Europe 2014 fair

2.1. Contract bases

The basis of participation in RemaDays Europe 2014 fair is the contract confirmed by the organizer, these General Conditions of Participation in RemaDays Europe 2014 Fair, as well as technical conditions, order regulations and other organizational (e.g. information for exhibitors), technical and other provisions, presented for the exhibitors before the fair or made available on the internet site of RemaDays Europe 2014 fair.

In case of ordering the additional services by the exhibitor to the organizer’s service partners and any discrepancies between these General Conditions and the general conditions of deliveries of service partners the latter have the priority.

2.2. Conclusion of agreement

Ordering of the exhibition area takes place by sending the filled order form not later than 7 days from the spoken agreement. The agreement between the exhibitor and the organizer becomes valid after confirmation of the exhibition area on the order form by the organizer. If the exhibition area confirmation content differs from the application, the contract becomes valid according to the data in the confirmation. The signed applications, sent by mail, fax or e-mail remain valid.

2.2.1. In case of ordering additional services the exhibitor is obliged to attach the appropriate documents obtained from the organizer.

2.2.2. Participation in RemaDays Europe 2014 and starting the assembly are possible only after paying all required financial commitments for the organizer. Sending the filled and signed documents is equivalent with the acceptance of all contents of the application and all attachments, as well as an obligation to cover all costs connected with participation in the event.

2.2.3.The organizer has the right to cancel the agreement due to important reasons not later than30.09.2013 and assumes an obligation of returning all payments in advance.

The organizer may cancel the agreement in case of false or incomplete exhibitor’s data.

2.2.4. The organizer has the right to cancel the agreement without the notice in case of gross violation of the following agreement provisions by the exhibitor:

a/ not settled commitments to the organizer

b/ hiring or passing the stand to the third parties without the organizer’s consent

c/ not preparing the stand in the agreed time.

3. Payments

3.1 All payments to the organizer are realized in EUR to the following bank account:

Deutsche Bank Berlin, Department number 703, Client number 0735 381, account no. BLZ 100 70 024, IBAN DE14 1007 0024 0073 5381 00, BIC (SWIFT-CODE) DEUTDEDBBER.

with note “RemaDays Europe 2014”.

3.2 The whole payment resulting from the agreement, also for the additional services, is paid in one amount in 100% not later than 15.10.2013 in the exchange rate from the invoice day, and for the agreements concluded after that date – in 7 days from the invoice date.

3.3 All payments for the additional services during the assembly, disassembly and event are paid in cash during ordering.

3.4. Fees:

Standard stand fee includes: exhibition floor, wall elements, stand equipment, technical services, technical inspection fee, exploitation cost, basic entry.

Fee for glass cabinet includes: display cabinet, flayers distributor, technical services, technical inspection fee, exploitation cost, basic entry.

Fee for stand without furnishing includes: exhibition floor, basic entry, technical services, technical inspection fee, exploitation cost.


The AUMA Exhibitor fee per square meter of rented space is € 0.60 net. The AUMA_Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, Berlin, represents as the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry the interests of exhibitors, visitors and organizers. More information about the AUMA services on

4. Stands

4.1 The exhibitor has the possibility of proposing the stand location, but it must be confirmed by the organizer.

4.2 The organizer has the right to change the stand location due to organizational, technical or safety reasons.

4.3 The exhibitor receives gradually, in proper time, the comprehensive information about the exhibition area and any changes in that matter.

4.4 The exhibitor has the right to choose from the companies constructing the stands. Those companies must have complete knowledge in range of all regulations valid in Germany and the technical requirements of Nürnberg fair. Following them is required during the stands assembly and disassembly.

4.5 The exhibitor orders additional services up to 31.10.2013. The organizer issues the invoice for those services paid in 7 days.

4.6 Halls

– Hall no. 1 – area – 10,800 m2

– hall height – hall 1.1 – 9.80 m, hall 1.2 – 5.80 m

– maximum stand high – hall 1.1 – 5.50 m, hall 1.2 – 5.50 m

– maximum stand high near the column – hall 1.1 – 5.50 m, hall 1.2 – 3.80 m

– number of gates – 4

– dimensions of the biggest gate – 4m x 4.05m x 4.90m

– maximum floor load in kN/m2 ( kN = 100 kg ) – 50

light use height, lighting tape in m – 5.80 / 9.80

– possibility of hanging on the ceiling, electric energy, water, compressed air, telephone

– Hall no. 2 – area – 4,680 m2

– hall height – 5.80 m

– maximum stand high –5.50 m

– maximum stand high near the column – 3.80 m

– number of gates – 2

– dimensions of the biggest gate – 2m x 4.05m x 4.90m

– maximum floor load in kN/m2 ( kN = 100 kg ) – 50

light use height, lighting tape in m – 5.80

– possibility of hanging on the ceiling, electric energy, water, compressed air, telephone


4.7All machines and equipment greater than 180cm x 250cm in size must be delivered before 10.00 AM on the first assembly day. Late arrivals have no guarantee of being delivered to the stand.

4.8 For oversize elements there are 4 gates available on the north side of the hall measuring: gate 1 and 2 -breadth 4,98 m, height 4,37 m, gate 3 and 4 – breadth 5,00 m, height 4,87 m.

4.9 The welding, cutting, soldering, heating and grinding works must be reported before beginning and approved by the organizer. The permissions for those works, including dusting and smoking works, welding and heat emission works are issued by the organizer. Those works must be properly separated from the surrounding area. The fire extinguishers and fire blankets must be located in the vicinity, ready to use.

4.10 Each exhibitor, in the required range, should make his stand available for the required works in the adjacent stands.

4.11 Parts of the stand, exhibition goods, descriptions, company and trade signs must not protrude outside of the stand contour or block the communication routes. It applies also to the confirmed equipment height.

4.12All walls, adjacent to another stand and higher than 2.50 m, must have aesthetic appearance and be painted in white colour from the adjacent stand side. They must not have the advertisement texts.

4.13Each stand has to contain a rear and side walls. This concerns especially those stands located by the hall walls.

4.14 The Organizer has the right to place the number label, consistent with the stands arrangement plan, on the stand structure without the Exhibitor’s opinion.

4.15 It is forbidden to hang or stick the stand parts, banners, flags, advertisements and decorative elements on the hall structure (ceilings, walls, railings, windows, etc.).

4.16 The exhibitor of RemaDays Europe 2014 is obliged to remove all stand elements after the fair, especially the adhesive tapes. The stand should be cleaned and left in the initial condition. The floor coverings in the exhibition stands may be fixed only with use of double-sided adhesive tapes, containing no solvents – tesafix 4964. In case of necessity of removing any equipment elements after the disassembly, the costs of removing are born by the exhibitor.

4.17It is forbidden to remove any exhibited items and/or disassemble the stand before the time indicated in the general regulations. An exhibitor disobeying this rule will be charged with a fee constituted of a half of the cost of the stand rental.

4.18 The organizer has the right to intervention in case of too loud noises from the stand, which cause difficulties in other stands or disturb the whole event. In special cases the organizer has the right to forbid the presentation causing the disturbances.

4.19 The organizer is not responsible for any interruptions in media and energy supplying, caused by other parties.

4.20 The organizer has the right to refuse the participation in the fair without giving the reason.

4.21 The stands must be prepared for the event in Tuesday, 14.01.2014 to 9.00 p.m. Prolonging the construction time requires the written permission of the organizer and costs 400.00 EUR per day and exhibitor.

4.22 The stands not occupied until that time in the last construction day will be uncovered at the exhibitor’s cost.

4.23If the ordered area is not occupied, the exhibitor is obliged to acquit the special payment in amount of 50.00 EUR/m2 of ordered area.

4.24 If the opened event is terminated partially or completely due to reasons independent from the organizer, it is not possible to cancel the agreement or claim the financial relief.

4.25 If the stand occupies large are or is complicated in the technical way and requires additional settlements, the exhibitor must be prepared for additional costs.

5. Safety

5.1 It is forbidden to take weapon or similar objects to the fair.

5.2 It is forbidden to take animals to the fair. The only exception are dogs for the blind people.

5.3 The stands and all event elements must be made only from non-flammable, slow-burning (DIN 4102) and reimpregnated materials. The exhibitor is obliged to prove the materials non-flammability or slow burning. The flammable materials must be immediately removed by the exhibitor.

5.4 The stands must be constructed according to the building law and other regulations valid in Germany.

5.5 The organizer has the right to control the stands in range of conformity with the technical, building and fire protection regulations. In case of any discrepancies the organizer has the right to interrupt works or cancel the agreement.

5.6 The pyrotechnical shows are forbidden.

5.7 The constructing companies and exhibitors are fully responsible for following the industrial safety regulations by their employees in the fair area during assembly, disassembly and event.

5.8 It is forbidden to start the machines and devices inconsistent with the safety regulations, or which must not be operated by the unauthorized personnel.

6. Claims

6.1Any formal complaints regarding your stand or technical services must be submitted to the Technical Section in writing during the show.

7. Cancelling the participation

7.1When the Exhibitor cancels the agreement due to reasons, for which the Organizer is not responsible, he is obliged to acquit all payments resulting from the agreement.

8. Promotion of exhibitors

8.1 Advertising of the company and services, as well as distribution of any promotional materials outside of purchased area is possible only after obtaining the organizer’s permission and acquitting the required payments. Distribution of materials outside of the stand without the organizer’s written permission is subjected to penalty in amount of 400.00 EUR.

8.2 The posters, stickers and other printed materials, placed outside the stand in the exhibition hall without the organizer’s permission will be removed at the exhibitor’s cost.

8.3Advertising other entities, which are not official exhibitors, in any form without the organizer‘spermission is prohibited. Failure to observe this rule will result in a fee of EUR 10,000.

8.4Additional form of promotion is a display case exhibited in hall 1, that can be bought both by exhibitors and non-exhibitors.

9. Protection of trade marks, patents, etc.

9.1 The organizer takes no responsibility in range of legal protection of the trade marks, patents and exhibition goods.

10. Insurance

10.1 The exhibitor is obliged to insure on his own cost the exhibition goods and to have the personal liability insurance.

10.2 The organizer is not responsible for any thefts, burglaries, damages and destruction of the exhibition goods during the event and after its end, regardless of circumstances.

10.3 The exhibitor, his associates, companies and third persons realizing works, are obliged to follow all regulations valid in the fair area, especially the building, fire protection and order regulations.

10.4 The exhibitor is responsible for the damages in the halls, stands, devices, installations and any fair objects, caused by himself, his associates and third persons realizing works.


11. Security

11.1 The organizer assures the general security in the fair area. The organizer takes no responsibility for the damages and losses in the exhibition goods.

11.2 It is possible to order the individual security of each stand.

11.3 The exhibitor and his personnel must not be present in the stands during the night. It does not apply to disassembly.

12. Identifiers

12.1 Immediately after reaching the fair area the exhibitor should visit the fair office in order to receive the identifiers, authorizing to entering the stand.

13. Transport and forwarding

13.1Transport, loading and unloading, unpacking and packing of exhibition goods and other materials during the stands assembly and disassembly are realized by the exhibitor.

13.2 The road traffic regulations are valid in the whole fair area and fair parking places.

13.3 In the whole fair area the speed limit is 20 km/h.

13.4 Access to the unloading areas during the assembly and disassembly is possible only against security in amount of 100 EUR (the only exception are trucks from 7.5 t during the disassembly).

13.5 During the event it is forbidden to park the trucks, small transport, semitrailers, camping vehicles and mobile apartments in the given parking places, unloading areas and “Grossen Strasse” of Nürnberg fair centre (the only exception is delivery up to 30 minutes). Such vehicles may be left on the indicated parking places free of charge during the fair. Access to those parking places, located a few minutes from Nuernberg fair centre, is marked with road signs.

13.6 The vehicles present at 2.00 a.m. of the first event day in the parking places, loading areas and “Grosse Strasse” of Nürnberg fair centre may be removed at the owner’s or driver’s cost in case of no proper reaction after the organizer’s demand.

13.7 It is forbidden to enter the halls with the vehicles heavier than 7.5 t.

13.8 In the last event day it is forbidden to enter the unloading areas with the vehicles from 1.00 p.m. up to one hour after the event end due to deliveries of empty packages by the fair forwarders. Further information about the trucks loading and unloading may be found in the attachments (Technische Richtlinien – Technical Directives, section 2.1).

13.9 It is forbidden to place the advertisement elements and performing other advertisement activities in the parking places for exhibitors and visitors.

14. Other information

14.1 The exhibitor’s goods, left and not removed after the fair, are removed according to the organizer’s indications after previous notice. The costs and risk are born by the exhibitor.

14.2 The pyrotechnical materials, flammable liquids and other flammable materials, especially packages, must be stored only in places indicated by the organizer.

14.3 The exhibitor and all companies realizing works and services are obliged to follow all public and legal regulations in range of security, especially the gatherings regulations of Bavaria (Bayerische Versammlungsstättenverordnung). The exhibitor is especially obliged to use efficient and secured devices and exhibition goods in the halls. They must fulfil all requirements of the work means technical security regulations.

14.4 Each public reproduction of music, movies, videoclips, etc. requires proper application in GEMA (copyright protection agency) on the exhibitor’s cost (see section 5.13 of Technical Directives – Technische Richtlinien).

14.5 It is forbidden to use not protected light or fire without the permission of organizer or fire brigade.

14.6 The exhibitor is obliged for immediate reporting all emergency or dangerous situations during the event to the organizer.

14.7 The exhibitor assures continuous access to the stand for the organizer’s and fair personnel, as well as all emergency services (paramedics, fire brigade, police, etc.).

14.8 If fulfilment of agreement is not possible due to event independent from the agreement parties – the necessity – both parties are released from its provisions. In such case both organizer and exhibitor cover their costs arisen so far.

14.9 The technical, building and operational regulations BayVStättV are valid in the whole area of Nuernberg fair and they should be followed during each event. The exhibitor declares acknowledgement of this provision.

14.10 Before unloading and start of any devices the exhibitor should obtain the information from the organizer in range of allowable load, especially the point load of the hall floor, and receive the permission for the device start.

The exhibitor is responsible for any damages resulting from assembly, operation and disassembly of technical devices in buildings, halls and mobile parts, caused by himself, his associates, companies realizing works and services and their associates.

14.11 Professional photos may be taken after the organizer’s permission. The exhibitor is authorized to make free records, movies and photos for his own needs during the event.

14.12 Each exhibitor is obliged to remove garbage. The exhibitor has two possibilities of realizing this obligation:

– the garbage is removed in his own range and at his own cost outside the fair area

– by the fair service – chargeable.

Placing garbage in the containers and other devices owned by Nuernberg fair is absolutely forbidden (see section 6.1 “Waste material management” in the Technical Directives – Technische Richtlinien).

14.13 It is forbidden to use own forklift trucks in the fair area. Such services must be realized only by the service partners of NürnbergMesse.

14.14 Smoking is forbidden in all halls. It is possible only is special places.