Promotional T-shirt:

lynka - bullt photo 2_200 px100 % Cotton T-shirt with multicolor separation (14 colours) screenprint with special effects.

The T-shirt was awarded a ‘Special Prize’ from the category ‘Customizing Technology’ in the industry competition ‘Promotional Gift Award 2012’.

More than just another creative “widget” this product stands out thanks to the DECORATION. A T-shirt is arguably a boring promotional product, but, when decorating it with such innovative, cutting edge designs and special techniques, you convert it from a simple promo product into something that the client (and the recipient) truly LOVES!

It’s the WOW effect that we all seek in this industry. We have this design hanging in our showroom, and every single client who comes to visit us says WOW – and then wants to touch the nose to see if it is wet.

This type of printing on textiles is appropriate for any industry which wishes to reproduce a complex graphic image on a large substrate. In particular, it is popular among FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Auto and Alcohol producers.

Special Printing Technique – LASER

laser_200 pxAn innovative method for decorating textiles, both cotton and polyester – such as Softshells, T-shirts or Polo shirts. It allows the design to be placed over seams, zips and pockets, and allows large format decoration.