With GiveADays the organizer of EXPO 4.0 set up a new tradeshow for promotional products; a distribution partnership with GJC Inter Media, the previous organizer of RemaDays Europe, reinforces the intention to become one of the most important trading centers for promotional products in Germany.

Reason for the strategic partnership, which was contractually agreed upon on August 6th: The previous organizer of RemaDays Europe quits the tradeshow in Germany. Up to this point it took place in Nuremberg. Now the organizer of GiveADays – gmk & WNP Fachmessen– are cooperating with GJC Inter Media instead. Whilst gmk & WNP Fachmessen take care of the customer acquisition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the distribution in the rest of Europe is in the hands of GJC Inter Media.

We are happy that GJC Inter Media joined GiveADays and the strong tradeshow group of EXPO 4.0” describes Roland Gruber, Project Manager of GiveADays and Co-Managing Director of gmk & WNP Fachmessen. The integration of RemaDays Europe, which attracted 187 exhibitors at last year’s event in Nuremburg, is an important step forward in order to show the promotional product sector as comprehensive as possible. Thanks to the good location, great traffic connection and its modern fair ground, Stuttgart offers visitors from Germany and even all over Europe ideal conditions. “Because of the cooperation between GiveADays and RemaDays we provide our exhibitors a wider audience. We see significant potential for the promotional product sector in the concept of GiveADays within Expo 4.0. and would like to contribute our industry expertise on the right spot to support this unique tradeshow experience.” emphasizes Sławomir Giefing, Managing Director of GJC Inter Media.

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Strong tradeshow group

GiveADays will open its doors within Expo 4.0 in a two-year cycle. It complements the well-established tradeshow TV TecStyle Visions (textiles and embroidery) as well as the tradeshows wetec (sign making, digital printing and light advertisement) and DS TEC (digital advertising and information systems) that will take place 2014 for the second time. Admission for Expo 4.0 and therefor for all four tradeshows is free of charge with previous online registration. It is not bound to memberships, authorized are all professional trade visitors.

EXPO 4.0 successful since the very beginning

The tradeshow group Expo 4.0 celebrated its premiere in February 2012 and proved to be a success since the beginning: “With over 400 exhibitors and about 14,000 trade visitors, Expo 4.0 accomplished with its first tradeshow in 2012 to be the number one event in the field of visual communication and sign making in Germany” Gruber says proudly. For the next edition from February 13th until 15th 2014, he anticipates further growth – precisely 500 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors are expected.

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