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With GiveADays the organizer of EXPO 4.0 set up a new tradeshow for promotional products; a distribution partnership with GJC Inter Media, the previous organizer of RemaDays Europe, reinforces the intention to become one of the most important trading centers for promotional products in Germany.

Reason for the strategic partnership, which was contractually agreed upon on August 6th: The previous organizer of RemaDays Europe quits the tradeshow in Germany. Up to this point it took place in Nuremberg. Now the organizer of GiveADays – gmk & WNP Fachmessen– are cooperating with GJC Inter Media instead. Whilst gmk & WNP Fachmessen take care of the customer acquisition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the distribution in the rest of Europe is in the hands of GJC Inter Media.

Branch in Germany:
GJC Inter Media GmbH
68 Charlotten Str.
10117 Berlin
tel. +49 30 20 188 389
fax. +49 30 20 188 575
Branch in Poland:
GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o.
11 Podbiałowa Str.
61-680 Poznań
tel. +48 61 825 73 22
fax. +48 61 825 84 85
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 4pm