More Options Are out There

While living in the heart of Dallas, I’ve learned a lot about saving money. There’s always some way to save a dollar or get a discount. Most of the money I make goes to utilities, and in order to get the best price on these, I had to shop plans. Most people don’t know that they can actually find another provider for their utilities. Before moving to Dallas, I used to be under one company and it was the only option I had, so when I moved, I didn’t think to look around for any alternative, because I figured there weren’t any.

The first plan I shopped around for was my energy provider. I had been considering getting an array of solar cells put on the roof, which would allow me to life off the grid completely. I found out that a company in my area has a plan that allows me to use solar cells, while still being hooked up to the grid. Continue reading More Options Are out There

Adapting to Climate Change Won’t Be Easy

I’m proud to be a Texan living here in the Lone Star State. It’s not just because of our progressive politics in Austin but because of the natural re source s that Texas has access to. There’s no denying that the source of that natural resource comes straight from our beautiful land but we have taken a care not to disturb our rich fields of natural gas and oil that have helped place Texas high on the map for energy revenue. Continue reading Adapting to Climate Change Won’t Be Easy

Resource Rich State of Texas

When you have to make the confident choice in an energy providers, I’ve always been happy to choose Waco Energy here in Waco County, Texas. I’ve been with them since day one of moving here and not once have I experienced a problem with their customer service or with their prices. It’s admittedly difficult to find an energy company that isn’t going to tax you into poverty these days; even here in Texas there are some company who are beginning to tax their customers for a ‘winter tax’ despite the fact that we have some of the mildest winters in the entire country!

That’s why I like Waco. They have not once taxed me in what I felt to be an unfair manner. Continue reading Resource Rich State of Texas