Resource Rich State of Texas

When you have to make the confident choice in an energy providers, I’ve always been happy to choose Waco Energy here in Waco County, Texas. I’ve been with them since day one of moving here and not once have I experienced a problem with their customer service or with their prices. It’s admittedly difficult to find an energy company that isn’t going to tax you into poverty these days; even here in Texas there are some company who are beginning to tax their customers for a ‘winter tax’ despite the fact that we have some of the mildest winters in the entire country!

That’s why I like Waco. They have not once taxed me in what I felt to be an unfair manner. Continue reading Resource Rich State of Texas

I Just Got Home to Texas

I have just got home to San Antonio after being deployed overseas for the past nine months. Before that I was at Fort Benning in Georgia and I spent a little time at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. I have not been home in Texas for nearly two years. I shall be able to retire on a full pension soon and I have been getting prepared to get a new career when I do. RIght now I am checking out little houses and figuring out the costs of things like TX energy. Lisa and I can easily afford a small home, at least we have seen three or four which would not be much of a strain on our finances. We want to have enough money left over to do all of the stuff that we want to do however. So we want to think about what we are going to need to spend on the other stuff. Continue reading I Just Got Home to Texas

Just Got Back to South Carolina

I am finally clear of the paper work with the U.S Army. I got back to Fort Campbell almost two weeks ago, but the guys at HQ screwed something up and my papers did not come back until last Wednesday. I got in my truck and drove back home, took a detour to visit one of my buddies in High Point NC. In fact that was not so bad. I went through Bristol and got there really quickly, although I nearly got a ticket in Virginia. Right now I have been looking for reasonably priced apartments in Columbia. My Dad has been busy looking for a job for me and he has connections every place. Continue reading Just Got Back to South Carolina