Exhibitors at the upcoming edition of RemaDays Europe 2013 may already register their product novelties for the second installment of the Gifts of The Year contest. The organizer has announced that visitors will have a chance to acquaint with several dozens product premiers at the trade fair. According to industry practitioners, participating in a contest is the best opportunity to effectively introduce your product to the European promotional products industry on a large scale.

Do not delay, exhibit at the RemaDays Europe trade fair to reach only professionals from the advertising industry. Inform them about your novelties thanks to the free database of over 25,000 contacts, which you will receive as a RemaDays Europe exhibitor. Encourage visitors to come and see your stand with the help of Gifts Journal Catalogue reaching all RemaDays Europe guests.

Become noticed in the industry, participate in the RemaDays Europe trade fair.


Portrait of a pretty young blonde woman browsing the internet on her laptop
Portrait of a pretty young blonde woman browsing the internet on her laptop

RemaDays Europe organizer will make online registration available for the nearest installment of the trade fair, which will significantly shorten the time needed to enter the fairground. The show’s formula allows only representatives of companies from the advertising industry to participate in business talks. Verification of potential visitors with the use of electronic form will make it impossible for end-clients to take part in the event. Improved registration system ensures an even higher level of professionalism during RemaDays Europe.

Register here.

This is an excellent time to think about additional forms of advertising during RemaDays Europe. The only officially distributed publication is Gifts Journal Catalogue.

A printed ad in Gifts Journal Catalogue is a great supplement to promotional and marketing activities connected with building your position in the market. Only investing in proven methods brings desired outcomes. The multi-page publication containing the register of all RemaDays Europe exhibitors is a useful tool in gaining new clients throughout the entire year and thus a great gift for every visitor.




RemaDays Europe is a perfect combination of a trade fair for professionals from the promotional products industry, an opportunity to establish business contacts and also to show yourself in an international society – says Sławomir Giefing, the GJC Inter Media director, the organizer of the RemaDays Europe trade fair.


This years’s three shows are already past us, what else have you prepared for the advertising industry?

S.G.: This time is very important to us for many reasons. First of all we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company last year. These 10 years of our presence in the market are binding. Throughout these 10 years we have built a solid brand based on the trust of our partners. Our clients expect us to be flexible and efficient and this is why we constantly strive to create even better conditions for their business development.

The second thing is the upcoming editions of the RemaDays trade fairs in Warsaw, Kiev and Nuremberg. RemaDays Europe trade fair is especially important to us. It will be the third edition of the show and what’s different is that it will take place on a new date: 15-17 January, 2014.


Why have you decided to change the date of RemaDays Europe?

S.G.: Most of all it was dictated by the market’s opinion, talks we have had with exhibitors, our partners and potential clients. We believe that the new date will attract more exhibitors and visitors.


What other changes can we expect next year?

S.G.: We will make coming to the RemaDays Europe trade fair even easier to all people concerned. There will be buses running from selected German and other European cities directly to Nuremberg. Previous editions of RemaDays Europe have only confirmed the need for this type of event. I would like to emphasize that our trade fair is an additional opportunity in the process of searching for new clients and complements other Europe-wide shows. Open policy of RemaDays Europe makes it possible for all suppliers active in the promotional products industry to become known in the European market of advertising products.


In comparison to other trade fairs RemaDays Europe appears to be a rather small event.

S.G.: It all depends on what shows will we compare ourselves to. 200 exhibitors is an average-size show and remember we hit that number already during the second edition. During the trade fair its international character is easily noticeable. It is important to the extent where you fulfill the main purpose of this type of show, i.e. you present the exhibitors with a possibility of establishing contacts with new business partners. We are especially happy about the companies which have not been present in the German market before. RemaDays Europe is an excellent solution for new companies as well as those already active for some years. The size and the shape of the trade fair make it possible for rookies to become known. For others it is a supplementation of the previous forms of promoting their companies. Not without importance is the financial aspect of our show since the cost precisely resembles the current situation in the market.


To sum up, RemaDays Europe is in your opinion…

S.G.:… a trade fair of the promotional products only for industry professionals. RemaDays Europe is an answer to the market’s growing need for a new trade fair. However, our show is also a perfect place to meet new business partners and an excellent occasion to become known in the promotional products’ international society. Affordable prices for exhibitors and a free entry for visitors make our offer an ideal supplementation for other trade fairs in the German market. Flexibility and efficiency are our keys to great cooperation with our partners.


Distribution Partnership between GiveADays and RemaDays Europe

Dear Sirs,

Having the best interest of our clients as well as an intention to develop the promotional products market in our mind, we have come to an agreement with the GMK & WNP Fachmessen consortium.

The goal of our cooperation is to increase the opportunities for presenting companies from the promotional products industry, and also a closer integration of the European advertising products market.

Therefore, the next edition of RemaDays Europe will not take place. We invite you to participate in the GiveADays trade fair, which will take place in Stuttgart from 13 to 15 February 2014.

The official website of the GiveADays trade fair.

Please find the official press release HERE.

Best regards,

GJC Inter Media Team

The date for the next edition of the RemaDays Europe is now set

The date for the next edition of the RemaDays Europe trade fair is now set

rde_34Third edition of the show will take place in Nuremberg between 15-17 January, 2014. Only companies from the promotional products sector may participate in the event. The organizer does not require any membership or any additional membership fees. RemaDays Europe brings together companies from all over Europe making it a truly international experience.


With GiveADays the organizer of EXPO 4.0 set up a new tradeshow for promotional products; a distribution partnership with GJC Inter Media, the previous organizer of RemaDays Europe, reinforces the intention to become one of the most important trading centers for promotional products in Germany.

Reason for the strategic partnership, which was contractually agreed upon on August 6th: The previous organizer of RemaDays Europe quits the tradeshow in Germany. Up to this point it took place in Nuremberg. Now the organizer of GiveADays – gmk & WNP Fachmessen– are cooperating with GJC Inter Media instead. Whilst gmk & WNP Fachmessen take care of the customer acquisition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the distribution in the rest of Europe is in the hands of GJC Inter Media.

We are happy that GJC Inter Media joined GiveADays and the strong tradeshow group of EXPO 4.0” describes Roland Gruber, Project Manager of GiveADays and Co-Managing Director of gmk & WNP Fachmessen. The integration of RemaDays Europe, which attracted 187 exhibitors at last year’s event in Nuremburg, is an important step forward in order to show the promotional product sector as comprehensive as possible. Thanks to the good location, great traffic connection and its modern fair ground, Stuttgart offers visitors from Germany and even all over Europe ideal conditions. “Because of the cooperation between GiveADays and RemaDays we provide our exhibitors a wider audience. We see significant potential for the promotional product sector in the concept of GiveADays within Expo 4.0. and would like to contribute our industry expertise on the right spot to support this unique tradeshow experience.” emphasizes Sławomir Giefing, Managing Director of GJC Inter Media.

Koop Plonner Giefing Gruber 100mm

Strong tradeshow group

GiveADays will open its doors within Expo 4.0 in a two-year cycle. It complements the well-established tradeshow TV TecStyle Visions (textiles and embroidery) as well as the tradeshows wetec (sign making, digital printing and light advertisement) and DS TEC (digital advertising and information systems) that will take place 2014 for the second time. Admission for Expo 4.0 and therefor for all four tradeshows is free of charge with previous online registration. It is not bound to memberships, authorized are all professional trade visitors.

EXPO 4.0 successful since the very beginning

The tradeshow group Expo 4.0 celebrated its premiere in February 2012 and proved to be a success since the beginning: “With over 400 exhibitors and about 14,000 trade visitors, Expo 4.0 accomplished with its first tradeshow in 2012 to be the number one event in the field of visual communication and sign making in Germany” Gruber says proudly. For the next edition from February 13th until 15th 2014, he anticipates further growth – precisely 500 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors are expected.

Further information regarding EXPO 4.0 and GiveADays

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